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9 Jun, 2020

In the News: Democrat Malpractice, Contempt and Race-Baiting

In the past month, I had the rare opportunity to speak to the people by

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14 Mar, 2020


How would you feel about a man that was applying for a job as a

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16 Jan, 2020

Teaching Black People to Hate: Liberals’ and Democrats’ Damnable Legacy

On January 1, 2020, the Washington Post reported that in 2019 the murder rate had

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6 Jan, 2020

The Semi-Annual Scare The Blacks Campaign

You and I are going to fight!  We are standing there.  Looking at each other

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3 Dec, 2019

Donald Trump Has Been The Best President For Black Americans Since Abraham Lincoln

 We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends Barack Obama This is

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20 Nov, 2019

Democrat Anti-Christian Evil Ideology Finally Unmasked

I have said for years that the Democrat Party was the most evil organization operating

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Black Female Pointing Forward on White Background
4 Nov, 2019

I’ve called you a racist, now disprove it.

You’re a racist! No, you’re a racist! Your state is racist! Your party is racist!

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Wolf in Sheep's clothing
25 Oct, 2019


Have you ever heard of a faithful minister of the Gospel who supported the mass

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Black Lives Matter Protester at a rally
23 Oct, 2019

One Side of the Triangle Explained: African American Civic Organizations

Legend tells us that African-American Civic Organizations land somewhere between Jesus and Elvis on the

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African American Businessman holding his hands on a desk
23 Oct, 2019

Barrier to Reconciliation: Black Stalker Syndrome

One of the biggest obstacles to Black and White Christian reconciliation is Black America’s preoccupation

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