In the News: Democrat Malpractice, Contempt and Race-Baiting

Jun 9, 2020

In the past month, I had the rare opportunity to speak to the people by way of our great American news media.  The four articles I’ve written have been timely.  In each, I explain my point of view, hoping to provide clarity during these times of confusion and chaos. Each article is linked below (click on the red text to go to the article) .

The first, published by American Greatness, will discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the malpractice of the Democrat Party in the Black Community.

The second, published by BizPac Review, explains why the Democrat Party wouldn’t give a damn about Ahmaud Arbery if he hadn’t been killed by White men.

The third, published by Townhall exposes Joe Biden’s contempt for Black Americans.

The fourth, published by PJ Media, exposes how Democrats feed racism to control our Black community

Please read them. I hope you are enlightened and come away with something useful.

Be Brave!!

Vince Everett Ellison