Book Excerpts

From The Iron Triangle by Vince Everett Ellison

“First of all, the White Christian Conservatives that bear the most hatred and blame by most Blacks for their present condition, have nothing for which to apologize. Any man that blames another man for his present failures isn’t worth acknowledging. Furthermore, White Democrats have let it be known since 1800 that Black Americans are their property, under their control, and they would rather see them dead than free. The Iron Triangle was invented to help choke them into submission. There is something to the old Southern Argument that the Civil War was not about abolishing slavery. Why? Because slavery never really ended. The Southern states were brought back into the Union but slavery took a different form. The Democratic Party remained the masters of most Black Americans before, during, and after the Civil War. The Iron Triangle was there during every manifestation. The Thirteenth Amendment didn’t free anyone; it only guaranteed that the government would no longer officially recognize their involuntary enslavement. If a person is in fact born free, as the Declaration of Independence exclaims, how then can government grant them that freedom anyway? Freedom, like life, is a gift from GOD. Government can no more grant you freedom than it can grant you life. Unfortunately, voluntary slavery to their former masters is the station to which many free Blacks ran soon after federal troops abandoned the South just after Reconstruction. The federal government could do nothing. During the Civil War over 600,000 men were killed, trillions of dollars of property destroyed, and thousands of pages of legislation passed. It did not matter. Blacks, being slaves in their own minds, went right back to the literal Democrat plantation. One hundred years later, after all of the carnage and death of the civil rights movement, they stayed on the Democrat plantation. Therefore, White Christian Conservative Republicans, relieve yourselves of any guilt and no longer live in condemnation. Every adult person is responsible for their own lives. Until the former slave affirms, accepts, and takes responsibility for his own freedom, he cannot be helped. This book with Argue that the goal of the Iron Triangle is to stop this at all costs.”

Preface, IX-X



“Now, almost 60 years since this poison was introduced into their psyche, most Black Americans, regardless of income, education, accomplishment, still believe as Martin Luther King stated in 1963: ‘The Negro is still not free.’ This statement had more of a negative effect on the African American psyche than Jefferson’s ‘All men are created equal’ statement had a positive effect on the world. Liberals reinforce this lie because they benefit from it. The most adored and wealthy Black actors, athletes, politicians, or business people will still parrot these suicidal effeminate thoughts publicly in the presence of a world that despises weakness. If you tell them, they are equal to White men, be prepared to get cursed out and potentially assaulted. As a child, I remember hearing Martin Luther King Jr. say that Black  people should not be expected to lift themselves up by their ‘bootstraps’ because they are ‘bootless’. Think about what that does to a Black child’s mind. I’ve heard every derelict Black person and poverty pimp around quote that statement with pride, not shame. I’ve seen it receive thunderous applause from Black audiences. Their belief in the myth of White privilege and their own inferiority will not allow debate. Among the majority of today’s Black Democrats, there seems to be some sinister, perverse pride in getting ‘beaten like a slave’ by a White man. They seem to brag about it and post images of the beatings on social media for the world to see, scars and all. It is so important to them to have this experience that they sometimes even manufacture the beatings. They then wonder why they are not respected. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: ‘Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members.’ Society seems to have won out in the Democratic Party. For that reason I cannot sup with them. No man has privilege over me! It is true: people who believe they are born free and those who believe they were born a slave a both right. Like powerful lions that bow to weaker masters, most Black Democrat men refuse to affirm and ‘take’ their freedom. They want to be ‘set’ free.”

Preface, XI-XII



“Many Christian ministers have lectured their congregations to support Liberal orthodoxy in an attempt to bring about a Liberal concept called ‘social justice’ and eradicate ‘inequality.’ Social justice is society where justice is achieved in every aspect of society rather than the administration of law. It is generally thought of as a world that affords individuals and groups fair treatment and an impartial share of the benefits of society. Sounds great doesn’t it? But there is a contradiction. By the previous definition, Liberals supposedly would like the impartial share of benefits and fair treatment of this ‘just’ society to be ‘achieved’ rather than ‘administered’ by law. If this is true, government intervention, which is desired by Liberals in creating this just society, is counterrevolutionary. Rather, it can only be attained through free markets, the laissez-faire economics of conservatism, or charity and philanthropy. Nevertheless, Liberals remain convinced that they can attain this utopia through government intervention even though it has failed every time they’ve tried it. You only have to give them control of all your worldly possessions. They will then determine who deserves what.”

The Lie of Social Justice, Three Sides of the Iron Triangle, pg. 89