Teaching Black People to Hate: Liberals’ and Democrats’ Damnable Legacy

Jan 16, 2020

On January 1, 2020, the Washington Post reported that in 2019 the murder rate had risen in cities controlled by Democrats with large Black populations like Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, New York, Prince Georges County, MD, and Washington DC. Why? Hatred! Hatred taught to them by Democrats and the Iron Triangle. Most Black Democrats will tell you they hate America, Republicans, Conservatives, White people, and police. With all of this hate, they inevitably end up hating and, therefor, murder each other. But they have also been taught to love one thing above GOD and all else: The Democrat Party.

In implementing a strategy to lure Black Americans to their political ideology, the Liberals in the Democrat Party have taught most African Americans that past slights by individual Whites should be added to the unpaid debt of the entire United States and owed to the entire Black race. They then convinced individual Black men that their own inaction and choices while refusing to defend their own families and property from racist Whites should be defined as victimization instead of cowardice. They convinced them that this, too, should be added to the debt of the United States. They then convinced them that the amount of the debt was not fixed. The balance could be changed from generation to generation. It could be added to or subtracted from, based on the whims of any Black leader, for any reason he or she saw fit. They were taught that America was racist and irredeemable. Blacks were justified in hating a Country that hated them. And if the United States did not pay them what they wanted, their hatred was legitimized. The first Black president Barack Obama said racism is “still part of our (America’s) DNA.” That means as far as Democrats are concerned America, is irredeemable and deserves to be hated.

There is a funny thing about hatred. It never stays put. It cannot be compartmentalized. It will bleed across its borders and infect everything in its path. Hate is a mad dog, and once out of the cage, the mad dog will attack its own master. Like their old Confederate masters before them, Democrats taught Black people to hate America and hate Republicans. They taught Blacks to love Democrats and to have an inferiority complex toward themselves. In regards to America, they taught them to be envious, ungrateful, unforgiving, entitled, and vengeful. As expected, these negative emotions have spread from the individual to the community, to the nation.

From the pulpits of Black America, we have heard more hatred spewing from the mouth of the Black preacher than from the Black criminal. Now, that hatred has left the head and traveled to the heart and landed “in the hand.” Black people now kill each other on an industrial level. From the unborn to the elderly. It manifests itself in our politics, our music, our language, and our culture. Too many no longer covet grace, elegance or beauty. In contrast, they celebrate the grotesque, the hideous, and the abnormal.

Democrats benefit from this dysfunction because they are hate personified. They are a modern-day death cult. Abortion, euthanasia, drug legalization, family breakdown, poverty, and atheism are their mantra. They are proud of what they have done to Black people. They will continue until someone forces them to stop.

What areChristians to do in the mean-time? Love them, pray for them, and protect ourselves from them. America has repented for slavery. That is all that is required. Forgiveness, however, must be given by the injured party, and it is not strange for them to refuse it. Forgiveness is not something the penitent can control. Sadly, in the current Black culture, the act of forgiveness for past transactions is frowned upon. The act of unforgiveness leads to death and is forbidden by the Christian faith. But, there is profit for White liberals and the Iron Triangle in the Democrat grievance industry of revenge, hate, envy, and ungratefulness.

This is why perfect Jesus is the forgiver of sins, not fallible man. Forgiveness cannot be earned, will not be sought, and should not be expected. Only GOD will forgive you without fail. Therefore, one should seek it only from him.

Rich White Democrats are exploiting Black Americans in the same way they exploited poor Whites during the Civil War. They taught them that they had been slighted by America. They then taught them to hate America. The hate spread from the head to the heart, and to the hand. They then became savages. They were violent, ignorant, and cruel. Their hatred so corrupted their minds they saw fit to refuse modernization, civilization, or rationalization. They took pride in their ignorance and violence. This sadistic hatred spawned lynchings, castrations, rapes, murders, and all manner of malice.

Then something amazing happened. Most decided to repent and forgive. Universities that once hated Black men now cheer and celebrate them. Companies that once banned them now have them as CEOs. Nevertheless, most Black Democrats are still holding fast to irrational paralyzing hate. And this hate is cannibalizing Black society. The call for Atheism, unlimited government-funded abortion, Reparations, Medicaid for All, Green New Deal, Student Loan Forgiveness, and Socialism are proof that the fratricide is in full effect.

I predict that like the South, the United States of America will repent this evil. And like it’s once respected and revered military arm, the Ku Klux Klan, the Democrat Party of today will finally be recognized as a sadistic, evil, immoral party and will be relegated to the dust bin of history.

So, let’s pray that the love Christ will again be accepted among these people. Let’s pray that they will find the peace of forgiveness, the beauty of love, and the blessings of Liberty. Let’s pray that they will harbor no more hatred for their Country or fellow man. And if they reject our prayers and pleas, then I ask GOD to give us the courage to defend ourselves with the righteous might, bestowed upon us by HIM.

Be Brave. Read The Iron Triangle.