Biden’s SC Nomination Reveals Democrat Contempt for Black Americans

Jan 31, 2022

Originally published at American Thinker

If anyone doubted the contempt White Democrats, Black Democrats, and the mainstream media hold for Black Americans, I would refer you to President Bidens’ announcement regarding his Supreme Court nominee and their giddy reaction.

Every president before Biden had proudly professed that each of their nominees for the Court was the most qualified jurist available in America.  With his declaration that his next nominee to the Supreme Court will be a Black woman chosen because of her race and gender, not her qualifications, President Joe Biden reinforced a 220-year Democrat Party message to everyone in the world: Do not be confused — Black people remain inferior. They cannot achieve because of merit. I, your benevolent master, gave this to you. Black people, I don’t owe you a damn thing. You owe me.

As expected, instead of confronting Biden for tainting what should be a historic occasion with racism, paternalism, and disrespect toward a Black woman who obviously deserves respect, the mainstream media verified their complicity in this plantation line of thinking by celebrating the process.

To say, “I am going to nominate the most qualified candidate was too easy.” Even if it was propaganda. Proclaiming that a Black woman had “earned” this nomination would have made this a truly joyous occasion. But no. The President had to make a point. Joe Biden is an almost eighty-year-old politician from a slaveholding state. This was old plantation White master talk.  He had to let it be known that, in his opinion, no Black woman would ever be qualified for this position.

Also, there is a danger in Democrats allowing it to be perceived that any Black person could “earn” a position on the Supreme Court.  This danger was compounded by making the nominee a Black woman. There could be unintended consequences. Black Americans might see the truth and start to believe that America had finally transcended into a post-racial society where one can succeed based on merit instead of Democrat Party handouts and cronyism.  This line of thinking is contrary to everything the Democrat Party believes. This type of arrogance and rebellion cannot be allowed among Blacks. At all costs, Democrats must retain Black subservience. Blacks must understand that this nomination cannot be merit-based. Sadly, Biden believes this.  Why does he believe it?  The Black Democrats told him so.

Because the Black Caucus believes to the core of its marrow in the lie of Black inferiority, they see everything through the prism of race.  Stressing the condition of their constituents in the Black community as evidence, it is easy to conclude none of their careers have flourished through merit.  Like the old plantation slave, they owe everything they have to the benevolence of their White masters in the Democrat Party and sadly believe that no other path is possible. Their constant justification of affirmative action, quotas, and set-asides confirm their unwavering belief in the twin lies of Black inferiority and White Supremacy.

Since the 1800s, it has been understood if the Democrats have any hope of maintaining power in the United States, this condescending line of thinking must be reinforced in the Black community.  The Black community must be made to believe that they can have nothing, achieve nothing, and do nothing without the grace and mercy of the White Democrat demi-gods. Because of this plantation mentality, Black Americans who are unfortunate enough to fall under the control of the Democrat Party remain at the bottom of every socioeconomic statistic in the western world.  Only the dregs at the bottom of the Black community, chosen by White Democrats to control the ghettos for them, have a chance at advancement.

It is a sad fact that for Black people to believe in White supremacy, they must also believe in Black inferiority. Biden’s insult is the true celebration of that relic from slavery; the artificial Democrat Party construct of “White Supremacy.”  Why do I call it an artificial construct?  Because as a Black American heir of Jesus Christ, it is impossible for me to be a victim, and no White man or any man can be superior to me. If a superior man does exist, please bring him to me, and we will put that theory to the test. Like leprechauns and ghosts, White Supremacy only exists in the minds of people that believe in it.  Sadly, most Democrats believe in this fairy tale.  To me, it is as silly as saying the Sun rises in the West.

I believe in brotherhood and fraternity, not the Democrat Party and a Communist concept of equality.  I do not seek to be equal to anyone.  To seek equality, I must compare myself to and compete with others.  This exercise is futile and only exacerbates the Democrat Party practice of envy, jealousy, and hatred.  I only compete with myself, never my fellow man. As Ernest Hemingway wrote, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Because all these Black Democrats were not chosen on merit, none of the thousands of Black Democrat elected officials feel insulted or slighted at President Biden’s plantation master talk toward them and the Black community.  They are confused when others are insulted.  They are not embarrassed that the president of the United States intentionally said to the world that he could not find one Black woman worthy of the Supreme Court based solely on merit. Black Democrats would have been upset had he said otherwise.  To keep the Blacks from getting too uppity, it had to be acknowledged that this great office had to be “given” to her as an example of Biden’s grace and benevolence.  Like children acknowledging the master’s supreme power and their inferiority, the self-proclaimed unworthy Black Democrat celebrates.

This is not new for Biden.   Kamala Harris was nominated as Vice-President only after one hundred inferior-minded Democrat Black men threatened Biden with loss of support if he did not choose a Black woman.  The result has been catastrophic.  For every other position, it was acknowledged that the person was nominated because of their qualifications, but like the salvation of Christ, it must be known and acknowledged the choice of the Black woman was the result of Biden’s unearned favor and grace, not merit.

Democrats don’t “give” these nominations to many Black people.  After the nomination of Thurgood Marshall in 1967 by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, it took fifty-five years for that stalwart supporter of Black Americans to nominate its second Black Supreme Court justice.  And they did it with an insult.  This isn’t new.  Democrats insult the Black community daily. Centuries ago, Democrats created this dysfunctional part of the Black community to satisfy only their needs. Biden is carrying on the tradition. Democrats will continue until Black Americans demand that they stop.

Presidential biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin quoted Air Force One steward Robert MacMillan on Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson’s attitude toward Black Americans.  While explaining his support for the 1964 Civil Rights Act to a group of prominent Democrats, Macmillan heard him say:

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days… Now we’ve got to do something about this; we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have then ni@#ers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.”

Like LBJ, we are required to remember the little something Biden “gave” to Black Americans to quiet them down and keep them voting Democrat for the next two hundred years. Because, according to President Biden, Black Americans have never “earned” anything, it seems, except his contempt.

Image: Todd Martin