Donald Trump Has Been The Best President For Black Americans Since Abraham Lincoln

Dec 3, 2019

We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends Barack Obama

This is a truly remarkable story. In spite of the lack of support from Blacks in 2016, and unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump has proven to be the best president for Black Americans since Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was an abolitionist; his views were undisputed. Whereas Donald Trump, who has been the target of every typical liberal allegation of racism and was the receiver of a dismal 8% of the Black vote, charted a path to ensure black well-being for many generations to come. Imagine a politician who works hard to support a constituent group who doesn’t support him. In fact, they have an Iron Triangle that controls them and it leads them away from what is good for them? In spite of the Iron Triangle’s control, we are finally seeing a shift in Black support of the President with recent polls showing as much as 34% of approval of Black voters for the President. I argue it would be greater but for the Iron Triangle. Further, contrary to how most politicians would have reacted to the low initial support numbers, President Trump could have responded with spite and contempt versus steadily building and earning Black support largely driven by his own convictions.

Like their Democrat slave-owning, plantation running and Ku Klux Klan member forebears before them, the Democrat Party today still understand that they can only maintain political power through the blood and despair of Black people. Anyone, that may attempt to elevate Black people from this inferior position whether it be Abraham Lincoln or Donald Trump must be destroyed.

Democrats have made continuation of Black poverty, Black crime, Black family breakdown, Black illiteracy, Black drug abuse, Black abortion, Black AIDS, Black Murder and over all Black despondency their primary objective. It’s working well. Democrats get 95% of the Black vote. Why would they change it? Black Democrats and the Democrat Party are proud it. They should be apologizing, instead, they are running for re-election.

Since the majority of Black Americans have proven themselves to be enemies to Donald Trump, according to Barack Obama, Blacks should be punished. 92% of the African American population voted against him and the entire Black Caucus is violently behind impeachment. Nevertheless, the evidence indicates, that instead of punishing them, President Trump is working tirelessly to increase the standard of living for these Americans. Let us review how this President has supported Blacks in his first three years.

Black Unemployment has remained at historic lows and is at 5.5% with Black Women’s rate of unemployment at a record 4.4%. We have a President who has not missed an opportunity to celebrate this accomplishment.

Religious Freedom– in tacking a multitude of actions and reversing many Obama administration policies, President Trump has restored the foundational link between freedom and faith from supporting religious rights in the courts, reversing Obama admins denial of assistance to houses of faith in disaster areas, through an executive order protecting religious organization’s rights to free speech.

Stopping The Murders Of Black Babies – President Trump also recognizes what we all know, the eugenics/apportion movement has been built upon and thrived on its continued thirst to kill black babies. With the black abortion rate in some communities sitting at 4 times that of white women and a gross loss of approximately 15 million black lives since 1973, this movement is an absolute success in the eyes of the demonic left. President Trump has reversed Obama era funding of abortion facilities using Federal tax dollars and reversed Obama’s block on other defunding initiatives.

2nd Amendment Rights – Understanding the right to self-defense is essential to any free person, with the appointment of two textualist Supreme court justices and instructions to the DOJ to support the second amendment in pending cases, our constitutionally protected rights have support from this President. The Democrat Party, on one hand, decrying police brutality, gang violence, gun violence and a rise in white hate groups telling, on the other hand, advocating for the disarming of Black civilians is suicidal, schizophrenic and slave minded.

Securing The Border – The President does not get enough credit for his creativity and relentless pursuit of not only building the border wall but also successfully stimying the unchecked flow of illegal immigration in America. These illegals have taken jobs from many young black men and women just out of high school and attempting to enter the workforce. His efforts have netted the increase in jobs and wages, the reduction in crime, and drugs being imported by illegal immigrants. In fact, the President’s open discussion of the impact of illegal immigration has taken this topic out of the shadows where the media was not even sharing if a criminal was an “undocumented” person to tracking and reporting the facts around the actions of illegal immigrants.

School Choice Wins – with the understanding that government education is destroying our children so including 529 tax-free account expansion and additional efforts for national tax credits and funding for charter schools and an extra 100 million dollars in Historical Black College and University funding are counted as wins towards greater support for Black education.

Criminal Justice Reform – with the understanding that the Clinton crime bill targeted the Black male and incarcerated millions, we have seen Trump’s direct intervention in ASAP Rockey’s case and the commuted sentence of Alice Johnson. Further, Trump signed into law the First Step Act, which will reduce mandatory minimum sentences in certain instances and expands “good time credits” for qualified prisoners.

Calling Black Leaders To Task – on their failures to the Black Community – where the Iron triangle has forced silence and complicity with this mistreatment, The President has dared to call attention to it and take the hits that always come from the race-baiting charlatans on the left.

These are just a few of the notable actions taken thus far by this President. He has earned the Black support he has received thus far. If Blacks were true to themselves versus beholden to the Iron Triangle, this number should be greater. Its time to eliminate the Iron Triangle, as I discuss in my book.

Before the 1970’s White Democrat power and the price of cotton were synonymous. Black Americans planted, chopped and picked this cotton. Consequently, ensuring black illiteracy, poverty and obedience were necessary to guarantee that the price of cotton stayed up and White Democrat power was maintained. Thus, the slogan “keep the price of cotton up and the nigger down” was echoed by South Carolina Democrat Senator “Cotton” Ed Smith from 1909 until 1941.

Currently, White Democrat Power is maintained through Blacks in the Iron Triangle picking Black votes for their Democrat masters instead of White cotton. Consequently, the Democrat Party slogan has evolved a little. It is now “Keep the White Democrat up and the Black American down”. The continuation of Black exploitation is still a necessary component of White Democrat Power. These Democrats and the Iron Triangle see President Donald Trump as they saw Abraham Lincoln: An abolitionist Yankee freeing the Blacks from their slave plantation. He must be stopped at all costs!

It was assassination for Lincoln. It’s the twenty-first century equivalent for Trump: Impeachment.

Be brave. Read the Iron Triangle and let’s move forward together.