One Side of the Triangle Explained: African American Civic Organizations

Oct 23, 2019

Legend tells us that African-American Civic Organizations land somewhere between Jesus and Elvis on the scale of importance in American life. Like the Bible, it is considered blasphemy to criticize or question their intentions and outcomes. However, most of these organizations are led by people that are either insane, immoral, or tremendously stupid. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Thus, the insane are those in the leadership that want to continue doing the same thing they’ve been doing for the past 100 years, hoping things will change. Hanlon’s Razor warns us to “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Therefore, this second group of people is not stupid. These people have attended some of the best colleges in the world. They’ve excelled in business and mastered the most difficult subjects. They exploit the stupid. The immoral are those that are in it for the money, fame, and fornication. Then, you have the ones Lenin called “Useful Idiots.” Regretfully, they are stupid. Stupid is: having or showing a lack of intelligence or common sense. Sadly, the stupid are those in it for the “Cause” and are oblivious to the fact that they are grunt soldiers in a fratricidal war. They are racists and victims. They cannot reason. If you believe in the “Cause,” get out of these civic organizations.

These organizations are, in fact, front groups for rich, white, ultra-liberal, atheist-socialists that have resolved to co-op the African-American vote and use it to take control of the Democrat Party and thus half of the United States Government. Isn’t it obvious? They are not at all concerned with the condition of the African-American people. They are parasites only concerned with controlling the African-American vote. Leaders of these Black civic organizations are either fellow travelers in this worldwide conspiracy to bring America down from the inside or sick people suffering from severe cases of Stockholm syndrome or cognitive dissonance, where being able to use the bathroom with their oppressor was so desirable they were willing to face death to achieve it.

These civic organizations make up the second side of the Iron Triangle. In my book,The Iron Triangle, I explain how they recruited the Black population to become part of an atheist/socialist army. This army consists of the ungodly, the immoral, the unmanly, and the defeated. It will be proven that they were trained by communists to make the Black Community the focus of their American pilot project. This project has been mostly successful. It was designed to destroy Black culture and replace it with an alien Socialist culture. To do that it had to:

  1. Destroy the Church
  2. Destroy the Man
  3. Destroy the Family
  4. Control Education
  5. Disarm the Population
  6. Impoverish the Population
  7. Inebriate the Population
  8. Control the Population

The NAACP, SCLC, Urban League, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and Congressional Black Caucus are all variations on the same theme with common origins, standard functionality, and a common purpose.

Our current situation mirrors the time before the Civil War:: approximately ten percent of the Black population is free; the Democrat Party mentally enslaves ninety percent.

The Origin: Communist/Social thought

The Functionality: White Liberal clandestine financial support and control

Purpose: Control of the African-American vote=Control of the Democrat Party=Control of the U.S. Government=Control of the World

Of course, all of this will be denied. Civic organizations will tell you that they are apolitical, non-partisan, and of course, non-profit. How can they say that after the 2018 NAACP Image Awards, where six Black women took the stage and made many partisan political statements? One such statement said, “Midterms are a perfect moment to use our voices. If we can take back a Senate seat in Alabama, then we have the ability to shift the balance of power.”

Even though their stated goals have ended in spectacular failure, they continue to monopolize African-American thought and American consciousness as if they wrote the Bible. Their commitment to this failed course and their continual success at obtaining support for the same has to convince the reader that there is some sinister plan afoot.

A full and thorough examination of the damage they’ve caused, actual purpose (not stated purpose), and actual results (not public relation lies) will convince you that these groups are no more than trojan horses.

Be Brave…

For more on this topic, read The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power and How We Can Defeat Them.