Barrier to Reconciliation: Black Stalker Syndrome

Oct 23, 2019

One of the biggest obstacles to Black and White Christian reconciliation is Black America’s preoccupation with perceived white racism. This preoccupation has always been an area of complete fascination to me—and probably to most Whites, and a few others, as well. It is a self-defeating mindset and is the result of four hundred years of conditioning. Every great teacher from Abraham, Confucius, Thoreau, Emerson, Tony Robbins, to Jesus Christ have all agreed that focusing on the opinions of others is the surest way to guarantee failure. It leads to a condition that is ever-present in Black America: absolute victimhood and self- hate.

If the respect of others is something that you covet, it cannot be your primary concern. Your concern should be your self-improvement. People will not respect anyone that does not respect themselves. They will not accept the violent, the immoral, the lazy, or the incompetent ⁠— which is how too many Black people appear to the world. If their acceptance of you follows your exceptional conduct, that would be great ⁠— but if it doesn’t occur, you should not care. Sadly, The Iron Triangle advises Black Americans to act as stalkers. No one likes a stalker.

You should not invest any time in anything where you have no control. Whether or not a person is racist is one of those areas. Moreover, if a person is, in fact, a free person and a Christian, it should be irrelevant. The only power a racist has against such a person is the power yielded to them.

The amount of time wasted trying to win the affection of racists are stolen minutes that should have been spent repairing the broken psyches damaged by four hundred years of indoctrinated self-hate. You cannot serve two masters. You must love one and hate the other. Thus, against all the advice of the great teachers and philosophers, the Iron Triangle has advised African Americans to use all their spare time to try and win the love of racists, while spending no time trying to love themselves. The terrible way many African Americans treat one another reveals this error and adds to this tragedy.

The African American community is the poorest, most crime-ridden, and most undereducated in America. White people are not killing Black people; Black people are killing each other. While Blacks are engaged in fratricide, the Iron Triangle covers their disastrous leadership by blaming White Conservative racism. It is classic deflection and has encouraged a sort of weird self-hate that is not experienced anywhere in the industrialized world. Why is this necessary? Control. The Iron Triangle must obey their White Democrat masters. Their masters demand the black vote. How does the Iron Triangle deliver it? By keeping control. How do you keep control? Keep Black Americans dependent. How do you keep them dependent? Keep Black Americans ignorant, poor, prideful, and afraid. Then, have them attack anyone that might come to their aid. People may exert effort to hurt you against your will, but very seldom will they fight to help you.

Ironically, the majority of powerful Black America has been relegated to a race of stalkers; instead of using their time to strengthening their institutions, they are wasting it by demanding to be loved, not by people that should love them, but by racists that never will. What a pity. What a waste.

Be Brave…

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